Famous Old Time Game Pacman

Pacman games are one of the most famous games because there is almost no person in the world who never played some kind of pacman. You can easily find the original classic Pacman game online. Most of us know how this wonderful game is played.

For those of you who have never experienced the original arcade classic in all its glory, Pacman presents the challenge of traveling through a maze, eating dots, and avoiding the ghosts. When the ghosts catch you, it’s all over, but you can send those ghosts scrambling to get away by eating the special power dots.

These flashing dots turn the ghosts blue, and eating them before they turn back to normal can lead to a surge of extra points. You can also help your high school by eating pieces of fruit found throughout the maze. The game challenges you to think and move quickly. Eat all the regular dots, know when to use the flashing dots, and avoid getting trapped in the corner with the ghosts hot on your tail. You only get a certain number of lives. Once you have used them all up, the game is over.

This is the basic formula for a classic game of Pacman, but there are some online Pacman games available to put an interesting spin on that basic formula. Pac-Xon challenges you to move your character across a blank space, and turn at least 75% of the spaces into blue spaces. Ghosts chase you throughout, and some of these ghosts up the ante by being able to eat blue squares, attack you on blue squares (which are normally safe), and more.

There are lots of places online to find great Pacman games that are free to play. Even now, people still love the challenge of guiding Pacman (or perhaps Ms. Pacman) mazes, eating dots, avoiding ghosts, and racking up the best high score possible. Looking for Pacman games, Ms. Pacman games, or even clever variations on the classic Pacman formula? You won’t have to go very far to find a variety of free Pacman titles that you’ll be able to play online.

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